The Whipfather

“If more people knew about the whip, there wouldn’t so many spoiled, rotten, worthless, self-entitled, heartless f**king assholes in this world.” -Santa Claus

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November 1st is coming!

“At the age of thirteen, Geoff Parker had an encounter with The Whipfather on Christmas Eve. The grimy little man snuck into his room to punish Geoff and his cousin Vince for their bad behavior. Geoff survived, forever scarred by the encounter and the loss of cousin Vince. His memory of the event faded over the years and now he isn’t really sure what happened that night, but when his own son, Justin, finds his way onto The Whipfather’s list, the memories come rushing back. Now, face to face with The Whipfather again, Geoff learns the horrifying secret behind the sadistic creature and his relationship to Santa Claus. Christmas will never be the same.” Coming November 1st, 2014…Pre-order for only .99!!
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