“Billy’s Room Blues”-Flash Fiction Challenge

This story is written for Chuck Wendig’s current Flash Fiction challenge.  It’s an X meets Y challenge, and I used a random number generator to choose two well known properties to mesh together.  I got ‘Dirty Harry’ meets ‘Toy Story’.  here it goes–

Billy’s Room Blues

 Detective Pete Policeman rested his head against the driver’s window of his cruiser and cracked the seal on a bottle of whisky.  Two good glugs down and his anger began to dissipate.  It wasn’t real whisky of course.  It was one of those wax bottles full of sickly sweet colored syrup that Billy, his kid owner, had dropped behind the toy box years ago.  Continue reading


Free ebook!

In celebration of the release of ‘Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition’ (a huge, heartfelt thank you to those who have already bought this, by the way), my previous novella, ‘The Whipfather’ will be free until April 23rd. If you missed out on picking that one up, follow the link and pick up the ebook at no charge. It’s Christmas themed, but just think of this as Christmas in April and I’m sure you’ll get by. Support independent artists and read, like, review, share….Thank you!


Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition now available…

Here are the details: ‘Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition’ is available in paperback and on Kindle as of now. The 120 page package includes the original novella, the sequel and bonus interview. The paperback is $5.99 (with free shipping if you are a PRIME member), the Kindle version is $2.99 (just like it was before, only now includes the extras!). When you buy the paperback, you get the ebook free. If you don’t own a Kindle, there are free apps for your pc, phone, or tablet that turns them into ereaders.  Follow this link to my Amazon author page and make your selection.   Support independent artists and read, like, review, share….Thank you!

cadaver dogs watercolor  altered w text and border 3 for facebook

Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition

Alright folks…regarding my post from last week about the new writing project coming your way — Here she be. In December of 2013, my novella ‘Cadaver Dogs’ came out in ebook. Many folks asked two main questions. 1) When it will be available in paperback? and 2) Will there ever be a sequel? Well, the day has come for both. As you see in the pictures, it is called ‘Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition’ and contains the original novella, the asked-for sequel, and as a bonus, a witty interview with me conducted by Arriff Navaraj. This fun little 120 page package will be available on Amazon shortly. Details as I have them, but it will be available in both paper and again in digital in the next week or so…in the words of the immortal Paul Stanley, “Any way you want it, that’s the way it will be.” cd softcover 0 cd softcover 1 cd softcover 2 cd softcover 3 cd softcover 4