Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition

Alright folks…regarding my post from last week about the new writing project coming your way — Here she be. In December of 2013, my novella ‘Cadaver Dogs’ came out in ebook. Many folks asked two main questions. 1) When it will be available in paperback? and 2) Will there ever be a sequel? Well, the day has come for both. As you see in the pictures, it is called ‘Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition’ and contains the original novella, the asked-for sequel, and as a bonus, a witty interview with me conducted by Arriff Navaraj. This fun little 120 page package will be available on Amazon shortly. Details as I have them, but it will be available in both paper and again in digital in the next week or so…in the words of the immortal Paul Stanley, “Any way you want it, that’s the way it will be.” cd softcover 0 cd softcover 1 cd softcover 2 cd softcover 3 cd softcover 4


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