‘Backwoods Bridesmaid’-Flash Fiction Challenge

This is my story for Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge for this week.  Details here…  I had to choose two words for my title, one from one group of words, the second from a second group of words and tell that story in 1,500 words.  I give you:

‘Backwoods Bridesmaid’


I knowed he’s trouble soon as I seen him.  He strutted up into Sweet Kitty’s proud as a midget rooster with a full-size dong.  I was on the pole, finishing my set, Def Leppard blasting on the sound system so loud my eyeballs was vibratin’.  I couldn’t see him too clear yet, but the fumes off’a his cologne was enough to clear my visibility right quick.  Tall with shaggy black locks that curled and caressed his neck like boy-fingers in a Catholic schoolgirl’s lap.  His face wasn’t shaved, but not in a slobby way; sorta more in that sexified five o’clock shadow way.  His eyes smoldered like coal and burned into my guts, making little hot beads of sweat pop out of my skin.  Continue reading