Excerpt-“BullDog Pugilist”

“You make me look like a palooka and I swear I’ll sucker punch you in the cock.  You hear?”  Max Bhaltair flopped down into the leather chair like a bowling ball into a bucket.  Gnarled hands, fingers like tree roots, lay an array of items on the low table before him.  Silver cigarette case, tarnished square lighter, roll of white tape, bottle of knock-off brand whiskey and an empty glass all clinked together as they came to an unsettling rest.  As he shifted his backside Continue reading


“BullDog Pugilist available for pre-order!

Here is the link to my Amazon author page so you can pre-order my latest ebook novella “BullDog Pugilist”.  $1.99 is all you need to put in your order and Amazon will send it to your Kindle upon release, Tuesday, August 4th.  (Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle you can download a free version for your phone or PC.  Click Here……)  As an added bonus, the price for the ebook version of “Cadaver Dogs: Ultimate Edition” will be dropped to $0.99 until release day when the price goes up to $1.99 until August 8th when it goes back to the normal price of $2.99.  Please follow the link and pick up these two items, or any others that strike your fancy.  Read, review, enjoy!  Much appreciated!