Open Veins: Novella Collection

Here is the link to my novella collection Open Veins.

A collection of three novellas by Anthony Armstrong. This collection includes: Ashes of Icarus: Kasey Hatcher thought he knew what life was all about. Raised by a single father, the only thing he knew of his mother was that she died giving him life. Now, thanks to strange visions during narcoleptic blackouts, Kasey discovers his father is not the man he has been led to believe. What really happened to his mother? What lengths will Kasey go to make things right? BullDog Pugilist: Max Bhaltair is a bare-knuckle boxer who refuses to let go of the past. He’s also half bulldog. Before his championship bout, Max sits down with a local reporter to recount a history laced with bullying, lost love, despair and death. Max has a complex tie to tonight’s opponent and he won’t be satisfied until blood streams and bones are smashed. To Max, this fight means more than winning a championship…it means finally righting a wrong that has consumed him for years. The Whipfather: At the age of thirteen, Geoff Parker had an encounter with The Whipfather on Christmas Eve. He survived, but was forever scarred by that night. His memory of the event faded over the years, but when his own son finds his way onto The Whipfather’s list, the memories come rushing back. Now, face to face with The Whipfather once again, Geoff learns the horrifying secret behind the sadistic creature and his relationship to Santa Claus. Christmas will never be the same.


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